Celia Cortez, Ink Artist

PO Box 8527, Santa Fe New Mexico USA 87504


Phone:     +1.505-629-8995

E-mail: Celia@CeliaCortez.com

Facebook: @CeliaCortezArt
‚ÄčInstagram: celiacortezart

Celia Cortez is a native New Mexican artist whose work is inspired from nature. The elegant curves of a delicate flower, the crisp lines and negative space of a pine cone, or the varied shadows in the landscape all provide subjects for her work. Her passion for art has been life long, primarily working in graphite and ink, while she continues to inform her work with other media. 

‚ÄčIn addition to Celia's art work shown here, Celia leads "creative sessions" for elderly clients. This process of planning projects and facilitating the learning process is both artistically and personally rewarding.

Have a unique piece created for youself or a loved one with the flowers you adore. Call for estimate.